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Through Far East to the City of London

Year of graduation
Great Britain
Title/ degree
Field of studies
Finance and accounting

While I was a student at SGH Warsaw School of Economics, I was working in one of the Big Four consulting companies. I gained experience in the niche field in the area of tax advisory. I have always been fascinated by Asia and living there has always been a  dream of mine so before starting my last year of university I decided to do an internship in China. I organized the trip on my own and I started learning Mandarin.

The internship in Beijing taught me a lot about business advisory and contacts with clients. It helped me develop self confidence. After Beijing, I gained more Asia experience while being an exchange student at Soochow University in Taiwan. It gave me the opportunity to fulfil my dream of being an exchange student and solo traveller. During these exciting few months of discovering Asia, I learned independence and responsibility. The experiences I gained allowed me to become more confident and gave me the strength to tackle any situation. I stopped being afraid to dream big and started looking for a job outside Poland while I was still an exchange student at Soochow.

I reached out to a headhunting company which contacted me back. My profile, experience and ability to handle any difficult situation that I have acquired during my travels was enough for them to offer me help in finding a job in the City of London. The rest is history. After returning to Poland, I packed my whole life into a few boxes and two weeks later I was already landing at Heathrow Airport.

Today I am a financial analyst in one of the largest consulting companies in the world. My job is my true passion and it links perfectly with my personal development path.
 I can confidently  say now that I am living my own dream. Finally.


My biggest success

Leaving my safe Polish life behind to travel and gain foreign professional experience.

My advice for SGH students
Do not be afraid to make mistakes and do things that seem too big or bold to you.