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If you can imagine something, you can as well achieve it!

Year of graduation
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Public policy sciences

My story illustrates the fulfillment of professional and scientific goals thanks to clearly defined requirements that I set myself, an ambitious approach to fulfilling obligations in subsequent institutions, as well as a sense of pursuing my passions. This way, I never felt that my constant travels, subsequent scientific projects, academic internships or self-education were burdensome. By focusing on the need to spread education and create international standards, my scientific interests focused on international law and public policy. I managed to seal this interdisciplinary approach with a doctorate at SGH in 2017.

As an international lawyer, doctor of social sciences, I lecture at the Faculty of Law of the University of Bergen in Norway. In the royal Bergen Pacific Studies project, I am responsible for the legal aspects of forming new standards and for amending current agreements on the law of the sea and the sovereignty of states in the South Pacific. It was the knowledge of the law in the Pacific that made me an expert in Europe, and also opened the way to rich cooperation with universities in the Antipodes. Research in New Zealand turned into a scholarship at Victoria University in Wellington. My scientific interests focus on legal and political aspects of the integration of microstates in Oceania and regional security architecture.

International security in its legal aspects is the second field that I devoted myself to, by lecturing, for example, at the officer courses of the Academy of Martial Arts in Warsaw. I was a legal advisor (LEGAD) during military exercises and international maneuvers with soldiers from NATO member states. After participating in the courses: at the UN training center in Ireland, the Armed Conflict Law of the Polish Ministry of National Defense, as well as the School of Humanitarian Law in Moscow, I had a wide range of experience and a lot of knowledge to pass on to Polish and foreign officers.

To sum up, working in Polish diplomatic and consular missions, completed courses, studies and scientific exchanges in the world, delivered lectures and published articles in several languages that I can fortunately (but not with ease!) speak have always been a chance for me for self-improvement and setting myself new and more demanding goals. However, this would not be possible without inspiration of people with good hearts and great minds, including SGH staff. The humble approach (as I mention below) to every person I met on different continents inspired me, taught me something new, and also made me mature. Very often, such acquaintances return with further, even better proposals for cooperation.

SGH - thank you for the doctoral degree, now it is time for habilitation! :-)


My biggest success

Hard work - which I understand as goal orientation - and the ability to focus on it at every stage of life have resulted in success in the next stages of education and professional work. I was awarded in the competition for the best bachelor’s and master’s thesis. At doctoral studies, I was also on the top of the ranking for the best researcher, which resulted from a great passion for research. The fact that I was offered a New Zealand Government scholarship was the result of previous efforts. It was similar with the invitation to the UN course and, earlier, with the defense of the doctoral dissertation at the SGH College of Economics and Social Sciences (at the age of 28). I treat my current position at the Faculty of Law of the University of Bergen in Norway as an award for my foregoing actions. It is also another success, on the example of which I would like to encourage my younger colleagues to choose their life path in such a way that work would be their passion - because then they would not spend a single day at work.

My advice for SGH students
Please, treat each new acquaintance as a unique and unrepeatable chance to continue your own development.