The largest Polish investment in the Russian Federation

Year of graduation
Moscow, Novosibirsk
Russian Federation
Title/ degree
Field of studies
International Economic and Political Relations

After completing my studies at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics, my professional career was connected practically from the very beginning with working at TZMO SA (surgical dressing manufacturer in Toruń). I became an employee in this Polish company with the intention of traveling to Russia to gain experience that would complement the theoretical knowledge acquired during my studies. I planned that my stay in the East would not be longer than a year and a half.

However, a reality check changed the plans at the very beginning, as I was entrusted with the task of building a factory, which was fascinating, but obviously went beyond the assumed time horizon. Since then I have lived in the Russian Federation, managing the largest investment of Polish capital in this country. I am responsible for the production part of our business (over 1,200 employees, a factory with an area of over 10 ha) and warehouse logistics. I conducted investment processes in Moscow (headquarters of the commercial company TZMO SA), Novosibirsk (logistics centre), St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don.

The development of the factory is endless. The construction of production hall No. 9 is currently being completed, and an additional plot of land with an area of about 9 ha is planned to be purchased.

I am aware that my internship with my current employer definitely exceeds the average results. In my case, the key turned out to be the opportunity to create our business in Russia, a real impact on decisions, and subsequent, increasingly interesting challenges. The country itself is specific, with many positive features, but also restrictions. For me, it is not an argument for domicile. Of course, if I did not like Russia, I could not live here for too long and traverse its territory in all possible directions.

My biggest success

Developing the position of the market leader of the Russian Federation in selected product categories

My advice for SGH students
Many different works expand our experience, but only work that enables us to have a real influence on the course of events and the shape of the result gives a real satisfaction.