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Football coach

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Undergraduate studies at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics gave me the opportunity to take advantage of the Erasmus program and travel to Bilbao, where my career path really began. Deep down, I always wanted to be a coach (that is why at the same time I also studied at the AWF University of Physical Education). I have always been fascinated by Spanish football and I also knew the language, which helped me explore this subject. Before relocating permanently to Spain, I often went to the Iberian Peninsula on internships or other types of trainings. When graduating in Poland, I talked with clubs and coaches about whether there was a chance to join any team in the Basque Country - which is considered one of the best regions in the world when it comes to football. I got a green light from one of the clubs and decided to move there.

I am currently training two teams: Askartza FT U-18 and Deusto U-13. It is possible that for an average fan they are anonymous teams, but they perform a very important function of a partner club for Athletic Bilbao. Askartza is a school club that has no great achievements in its history, but recently we have made a great progress. In turn, Deusto is a more significant club; it has a senior team in Tercera Divison, as well as youth teams on a very good level.

I am currently finishing the UEFA PRO course, thanks to which I will be able to work in any club in the world. However, I do not have a specific goal, I just follow the principle "I accept what football brings me." If I get an offer from Asia, Africa or America, I will definitely consider it. Year by year, I want to become a better coach and train better players.

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Completing the UEFA PRO course, which in Poland is available only to selected people.

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